Science fiction is one of my guilty pleasures. For some reason, geeky sci-fi shows and movies capture my imagination with the seemingly infinite possibilities of life in the space-time continuum. From my countless hours of dabbling in nerdom, I have noticed that there are certain reoccurring themes. One common storyline is of the misunderstood protagonist with super-human abilities. These heroes don’t quite fit in with “normals.” They are even mistreated by hateful human beings who are intimidated by their alien powers.

In the Beatitudes, we discover something way cooler than fiction. It is reality! Jesus shares a list of peculiar character traits, which belong to the heroes of heaven. These celestial qualities may seem undesirable, even scary at first glance. But, for the sons and daughters of God, it is our true nature manifest. It is a list of spiritual compounds formed as a result of heavenly elements interacting with this fallen world.

Just like the misunderstood superheroes of science fiction stories, heavenly heroes will be mistreated by worldlings while on planet earth. Jesus tells us that His followers will be reviled and persecuted, just like the champions of Scripture over the centuries (Matthew 5:10-12).

Ultimately, we emulate our heroes. Jesus is the greatest of them all. He is the perfect embodiment of every one of these characteristics. Are you ready to follow Him, and allow your reputation to be forever changed? Are you ready to let your hidden identity shine in this dark world? Then, allow these verses to speak into your heart and transform your life to be more like Jesus during your visit on this terrestrial ball.

Read Matthew 5:1-12. How might these verses be intimidating to you? What about these verses inspire you? What is God challenging you to do this week in response to these verses?