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State of the Heart

May 20, 2018

Judge Not

May 6, 2018
We hear "judge not" a lot in today's Christian culture - but what did Jesus really mean when he said "Judge not?" Let's dig into Luke 6:37-42 and find out.…

Love from Heaven

April 29, 2018
Isaiah 42:1-9 "The Word of God" - Les Fogelson preaches on the Word of God, and the Lord's chosen servant. Discover the impact of Jesus' fulfillment of the prophecy in…

Lord of the Sabbath

April 8, 2018

New Wineskins

March 25, 2018


March 18, 2018
Luke 5:12-26 "Cleansed" - Pastor Dale King talks about what it means to be cleansed according to Luke 5. Let's go verse-by-verse into this passage.


March 11, 2018


February 25, 2018

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