Begin by sharing something you’re thankful for each week.


Read anywhere in the Bible during the week, at whatever pace feels comfortable. Take note of one verse that stands out, that inspires you to take a step of faith. Write it down and share it with your group. Encourage each other to turn the truth into action.


Invest in genuine friendships within your group. Get to know one another. Avoid talking about politics, negativity towards others, and complaining. Pursue conversations that build people up.


Pray for 5 people IN YOUR LIFE that need God in THEIR LIFE. God wants to be part of the lives of those around us! Jesus said in John 3:17 “For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but in order that the world might be saved through him.”


During the week, challenge each other to visit someone who feels isolated. Or you can challenge each other to encourage someone by writing a postcard, sharing a meal, baking them cookies, buying their coffee, mowing their lawn... anything that BLESSES someone OUTSIDE your group.
ANYONE can start a group! There are no official sign ups with the church. Don’t wait for someone to start a group for you. Step out in faith and get it going. You don’t have to be a leader, just someone who wants to make a difference.
MAKE A LIST of 4 people to be part of your group. Anyone interested in being encouraged during these crazy times. Neighbors, coworkers, fellow students, someone from church. Even people with differing opinions on all the issues of today.
INVITE them to a once a week meeting for five weeks.
MEET in person or virtually. At a coffee shop, during lunch at school or work, in a home, outdoors, or even virtually via video or an online community like discord or steam.

Share your stories and photos!